Voicemail Web Access

The Voicemail Web Access provides a way to view and change your voicemail settings through a web interface. You can gain access to preferences and enter your information to customize features.  Please call the RCIT support team at 856-225-2343 or email at support@camden.rutgers.edu if you have any questions on this system.



How do I log in?

Click on the following link (requires CAS authentication to work and you must be on campus or connected to a Rutgers VPN):


Or type it into your web browser (for example Firefox) address bar.

You should then see a webpage similar to the one below:

Then type in your phone extension where it says Mailbox and the password for your voicemail, then click on Login.  Please call our support number if you have a problem (856-225-2343).

The image below is what you should see after you login:

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How do I listen to messages?  To hear the message play on your computer highlight the line of the message you want to hear and click Play message on the top right.  You can also use the check marks on the left of the message to highlight it or all of the messages if you wanted to mark them all for deletion for example.

You will then get the window below and hear the message.  This window also has other buttons for your message, such as playing, stopping and forwarding.  It can also be deleted here by clicking on the trash can.

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How do I call back someone that left a message?  The Call Sender feature only works with messages sent from internal extensions.  To use this feature of the website, click on a message to highlight it.  Then click on the Call sender button, it will ring your phone.  When you pick it up, it will ask for your password.  It will then call the extension from the message you highlighted.

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Adjusting Preferences:  You will get many options to set for your voicemail by clicking on Preferences as shown below.

Take a look through these various preferences to see if there is anything you might like to use in the six screens that you can access from the tabs on the left side of the screen as shown below.

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Accepting incoming faxes:  To use your phone number as a way to get a fax, click on Preferences and this brings you to the General tab.  As you can see from the image below, if you look about halfway down the page, there is an option called Fax.  Check the box in front of forward incoming messages to and type the email address that the faxes should be sent to. The next line down should already contain your extension@8562252766, type it in if it isn't there.  Scroll down the page and click on the Save button.

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Recording your Name and Standard Greetings:  There are many options under the Greetings tab. Greetings are pre-recorded messages that are automatically played to callers, when a call goes to voice mail. If you do not customize your greetings, the default Messaging system greetings are played.

Personal Greeting: You can record a standard greeting for the phone to play to the callers when you cannot answer a call. For example, when you are away or when your line is busy.

Extended Absence Greeting (EAG): You can record an Extended Absence Greeting to let callers know that you will be away from the office and won’t be able to reply quickly to their messages.


Recording Optional Greetings: These are greetings that play based on a set of optional rules. For instance, you can set up optional greetings to play during office hours, to all internal callers who get no answer on your phone.

If you click on the small arrow in the first two sections you will hear your name and personal greetings.  If you want to change these, you can click on the red dot, which will bring up a small window to record through your computer if you have a microphone or webcam. You can also click on the telephone icon which will call your phone extension and you can record it through the phone.

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Updating your voicemail password:  To change your password, go to Preferences and click on the Password tab.

Enter a new password, and confirm it.

Click Change Password.

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